About us

Hi, my name is Michelle but all my friends call me Meesh.

I have always loved to travel! Mexico being my first destination and where the love of spicy eats grew for me.

After a few trips to Southeast Asia, eating being a highlight of all the trips, I fell in love with the spicy chili sauces that you could find at most markets. I really appreciated the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and spicy . I tried a lot of the chili oils available when I got back from my trips but nothing really compared to what I had eaten abroad. I was searching for that perfect balance of flavours along with better quality ingredients, not full of sodium, sugar and bad oils.

Here I was, inspired to make my own chili oil in very small batches with the best ingredients I could find. For the last 8 years I would make and gift jars to friends and family but  it grew to be hard to keep up with the demand of everyone that wanted it. My friends said: “Why don’t you try marketing it?” and this is where Meeshes chili oil was really born. 

I’ve always enjoyed trying different cuisines, recreating it in the kitchen and feeding friends and family. To me, there’s few things better than seeing the simple joy of someone’s face when they’ve tried something you’ve created. So during Covid when my job had slowed down, I decided to finally give it a try and launched in February of 2022.

I believe that food is more than just fuel, it’s the strand that binds us in the moments we gather together. Savouring delicious flavours that bring you back to some of the best memories and places you may have been. 

I hope you find much enjoyment from my kitchen to yours with Meeshes Chili Oil.

~ Meesh

Hi, it's Meesh!